The BlitzMax compiler (bmk) supports a number of compilation options, but it just outputs “Command line error” instead of a help message.

A compilation command is make up of three parts:

  • The action to take
  • Optional flags
  • The file or module to compile

Allowed actions are:

  • makeapp : Create an application (e.g. an exe file on Windows)
  • makemods : Compile a BlitzMax module

The following flags are supported:

  • -h : Compile in threaded mode.
  • -d : Compile in debug mode.
  • -r : Compile in release mode.
  • -a : Rebuild all files during compilation.
  • -t gui : Compile in GUI mode. Applications compiled with this argument will not display a console window when run.
  • -o <file> : Write the compiled application to <file>

The final argument should be the file or module to compile.


1. Compile a module in release mode

bmk makemods -r my_module

2. Compile a threaded, non-console application

bmk makeapp -h -t gui -o output.exe src/my_file.bmx