This is a quick one-liner for sorting a list of directories by size, largest first:

du --max-depth=1 . | sort -nr

Which will return a list something like this:

8204	./.cache
1829	./.git
1416	./_site
785	./source
384	./.sass-cache
8	./plugins
4	./raw
0	./images

There are two parts to the command:

du –max-depth=1 .

du displays a list of directory sizes. The --max-depth=1 parameter limits the list to top-level directories. Their size will still include files in their sub-directories, but these sub-directories will not be included in the results list.

sort -nr

Sorts the results. The n parameter sorts by numerical data (in this case size rather than the name) and r reverses the list so newer smallest items show at the bottom.