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This project adds a new major mode to GNU Emacs for editing BlitzMax source files. It supports keyword highlighting and automatic indentation.


To manually install this extension:

  1. Download the source code and put it somewhere Emacs can find it (probably ~/.emacs.d/).
  2. Add that directory to your load-path if it’s not yet there: (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/blitzmax-mode")
  3. Require the mode: (require 'blitzmax-mode)

Once everything is loaded, blitzmax-mode can be enabled for a buffer by running M-x blitzmax-mode. The mode also associates itself with .bmx files, so they will automatically switch to blitzmax-mode when enabled.


blitzmax-mode provides the following configuration options:

  • blitzmax-mode-indent - The number of spaces to indent by. By default blitzmax-mode indents by 4 spaces which is converted to a single tab.

  • blitzmax-mode-fontify-p - Disable syntax highlighting by setting this to nil. t by default.

  • blitzmax-mode-smart-indent-p - Disable smart indentation by setting this to nil. t by default.

  • blitzmax-mode-compiler-pathname - Full pathname to the BlitzMax compiler bmk. Empty by default.

Current Features

blitzmax-mode comes with the following features:

  • Basic syntax highlighting – highlights standard BlitzMax functions, built-in types (such as String and Int) and built-in constants (True, False and Null).
  • Automatic indentation – new lines are automatically indented (using spaces or tabs) to the correct level.

Planned Features

These features are currently WIP:

  • Compile current buffer
  • Auto-completion
  • Integration with bmk
  • Integration with blam