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dogecoind-api is a Common Lisp library for working with a dogecoind server via its RPC interface.

Client Documentation

A client object must be created before any RPC methods can be called. This should then be passed to any of the RPC methods.


By default the client connects to, but this can be overridden by passing the following values to make-client:

  • :host - The host to connect to.
  • :port - The port to connect to.
  • :protocol - Connection protocol. Either “http” or “https”.


Call authorize with a username and password if the RPC requires authentication.

Client Functions

dogecoind-api:make-client &keys host port protocol

Create a new RPC client.

dogecoind-api:authorize client username password

Set the username and password required by the server.

dogecoind-api:authorizep client

Check if the client has authorization details set.

Function Documentation

RPC documentation for each method can be found on the Bitcoin wiki.

The API functions are mapped as follows:

API Method Local Method
addmultisigaddress dogecoind-api:add-multisig-address
backupwallet dogecoind-api:backup-wallet
getbalance dogecoind-api:account-balance

Some RPC methods are wrapped with several helper methods.

dogecoind-api:add-multisig-address client keys &optional account

Add a multisignature address to the wallet that requires keys in order to spend and return the newly-created dogecoin address.

Each key in keys is a dogecoin address or hex-encoded public key.

If account is specified, the address with be assigned to that account.

;; Create a new multisignature address that will require "address1" and
;; "address2" to spend.
(dogecoind-api:add-multisig-address *client* (list "address1" "address2"))

dogecoind-api:backup-wallet client destination

Safely copy wallet.dat to destination.

destination can either be a directory or a path with filename.

;; Copy the wallet to "/home/doger/my-new-wallet.wallet"
(dogecoind-api:backup-wallet *client* "/home/doger/my-new-wallet.wallet")

dogecoind-api:account-balance client account minimum-confirmations watch-only-p

Get the available balance for account.

minimum-confirmations is the minimum number of confirmations an externally-generated transaction must have before it is counted towards the balance.

If watch-only-p is true, watch-only addresses will be included in details and calculations as if they were regular addresses belonging to the wallet.

;; Get the balance for the "my_account" account
(dogecoind-api:account-balance *client* "my_account")

dogecoind-api:server-balance client minimum-confirmations watch-only-p

Get the total balance of all accounts on the server.

Works the the same as dogecoind-api:account-balance.

;; Get the total balance for all accounts on the server.
(dogecoind-api:server-balance *client*)