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docgen is a quick and dirty tool I built to extract documentation tags from BlitzMax files.

It turns something like this:

''' <summary>My cool function</summary>
''' <param name="name">Who is cool?</param>
''' <return>You are cool</return>
Function whoIsCool:String(name:String)
    Return name + " is cool"
End Function

Into this:

    "files": [
            "name": "example.bmx",
            "functions": [
                    "name": "whoIsCool",
                    "summary": "My cool function.",
                    "returnType": "String",
                    "returnDescription": "You are cool",
                    "parameters": [
                            "name": "name",
                            "type": "String",
                            "description": "Who is cool?"
                    "line": 1,
                    "column": 1

Which can then be turned into this:


Exciting, right? The example above was converted from json to docbook XML, and then from XML to HTML.

More examples of what it can do can be seen at