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lispmax is a module for BlitzMax that can parse and execute a lispy scripting language.

A quick example

The following lisp expression adds two numbers together:

(+ 10 20)

To run this within BlitzMax using lispmax, we need to do the following:

  1. Create and initialize a LispMax object - this contains the environment (functions, variables etc)
  2. Parse the expression - this converts a string containing lisp code into something LispMax can use
  3. Evaluate the expression - this is where the magic happens

In practice, it looks a little like this:

Framework brl.basic
Import sodaware.lispmax

' Create a new LispMax instance.
Local lisp:LispMax = New LispMax

' Load built-in and library functions.

' Parse and evaluate the expression.
Local expression:LispMax_Atom = lisp.parseExpression("(+ 10 20)")
Local result:LispMax_Atom     = lisp.evaluateExpression(expression)

' Print the result.

Running the above example will print 30.

-> Read more on the lispmax.mod project homepage.